There are various organisations and projects set up to help underprivileged Zulu children and communities in and around Eshowe, Zululand. These projects include housing, food, health, education, and nutrition for the poor communities.

The following are real organisations that have been making a difference in the greater Eshowe area for over 35 years.

Rotary Club of Eshowe

The Eshowe Rotary Club helps in the upliftment of underprivileged children and communities in and around the Eshowe area. Money from these donations go towards building classrooms in rural areas, provide facilities for underprivileged communities, and caring facilities for AIDS orphans.

Donate to Eshowe Rotary Club:

Name Rotary Club of Eshowe
Bank Name Standard Bank
Branch Eshowe (057630)
Account 060245026
Swift Number SBZAZAJJ

ECAG (Eshowe Community Action Group)

The ECAG is a non-profit organisation that was started in the late 1970’s under the Rotary Club of Eshowe, and was a project that involved local businessmen and farmers. The idea was to build classrooms and schools for underprivileged children in the greater Eshowe area during the apartheid era, when the government was not providing proper education for black people in South Africa.

Donate to Eshowe Community Action Group:

Name Eshowe Community Action Group
Bank Name Standard Bank
Branch Eshowe 057630
Account 060238461
Account Type Cheque Account
Swift Number SBZAZAJJ

*All donations are receipted and thank you letters sent to donors for tax purposes. Please advise Tania Lyon at of your deposit and should there be any special instructions for use of this donation that you advise us.

Cunina Fosterships and Projects

Cunina is a Belgium-based NGO that helps provide education for some of the poorest children and families in South Africa. Cunina is also active in the Philippines, Brazil, Haiti, and Nepal, where they also have educational projects for poor children, as well as foster programs.

Donate to the underprivileged children in the Eshowe area for a better future.

Donate to Cunina:

BIC GEBABEBB / IBAN BE 29 2300 3660 2564

36 Main Street
Eshowe 3815

Some of our generous donors include:

As well as many others

Thank you for all your generous support. You have changed the lives of many grateful children and communities.