Eshowe Butterfly Dome

Situated on the edge of the beautiful Dlinza Forest, the Eshowe Butterfly Dome forms part of the historical Fort Nongqayi complex and offers something for everyone. The butterfly exhibit displays species from the surrounding Afromontaine forest, particularly the Emperor Swallowtail, the largest butterfly in South Africa. The dome is a butterfly haven and offers everything the butterflies need – take your time and let the indigenous butterflies fly freely around you. The butterfly house is accompanied by an interpretation room, small indigenous nursery and breeding facilities.

Local community guides are exceptionally knowledgeable about the surrounding flora and fauna and educational presentations are offered as part of the butterfly tour. School groups are also welcome; the dome has successfully hosted a number of big and small school tours which are always loved by the learners. Activities can be arranged for various age levels and provide a fun, hands-on, way to learn about the butterfly life cycle and biodiversity conservation.