Manziwayo Extreme Rockslides

Get a dose of adrenalin at Manziwayo Extreme rocksliding, waterfall-jumping and kloofing; one of the world’s most extreme natural adventures.

We spend three or so hours jumping and sliding with experienced guides. These are some of the most exhilarating sheer jumps into water you will ever do and there is no limit to how many jumps you can do.

“It was scarier than the bungee jump at Victoria Falls!”

Book at the Zululand Backpackers for this awesome adventure that you will never forget…

The trip

We start the day by travelling through beautiful rural Zulu country from subtropical Eshowe to the bushveld of the Tugela basin. We arrive at Mfongosi, where Fred Markham panned good colour gold way back in 1886.

From here we walk for 90 minutes to a one kilometre stretch of river with myriad rock pools and some of the most beautiful scenery one can imagine.

Then the jumping begins… From small slides and jumps to 25 – 30 metre waterfall slides and sheer drops into clear mountain pools — a huge rush!

Have a picnic lunch on the rocks with the background sound of the rushing Mfongosi water and scenic setting make this a trip to remember. This is a full day out in Zulu country and a full three hours doing slides and sheer jumps, from a few metres to 22 metres high.

Can you be as brave as the early Zulus who jumped off as their initiation into manhood?

*Booking essential, minimum groups of 4 to book or for more info contact Graham Chennells via email at We no longer do these tours.