3 Day Sangoma Experience

Spend 3 days with our local Traditional Healer

Karen Parkin With Chicken In ZululandKaren Parkin (left), known as “Zola” amongst the AmaXhosa and as “Busisiwe” amongst the AmaZulu, lives with a Zulu family on a hill in a village near Eshowe.

Karen has been an internationally recognised Herbalist since 2004 and a practising Sangoma (Traditional Healer) in Zululand for the last 3 years. Karen is also an attuned Reiki Master and a Permaculturist[1] and specializes in creating food and medicinal gardens.

“Let food be your medicine and medicine your food”
~ Hippocrates ~


Herbs are used in all aspects of life; cosmetic, nutritional, health, etc; and restore our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance.

Herbalism acknowledges that “all healing comes from within and the body heals itself”.

For this true healing to occur we need to:

  • Understand the cause of our illness on all levels
  • Surrender to our deepest wisdom and follow its path to the cure

Traditional Healer

Zulu Sangoma In Hut

Sangoma in full traditional regalia

Amongst the AmaZulu people, the traditional healer still plays a vital role in all aspects of life. They believe that our ancestors look out for us and teach us. The ancestors are the go-between of people and their creator and the Sangoma the go-between of people and ancestors.
Our Sangoma understands and acknowledges the European and African traditions of healing and health.

“Our ancestors have more in common than you will ever know”

The Experience

Come and spend a few days learning about yourself, herbs and healing in a Zulu village on a hill in Zululand with Busisiwe (The Blessed One).
You will have the status of a twasa (Sangoma in training) while you are in the village.
You will learn a basic knowledge of herbs and their uses and how to grow them and lots of other useful things that will help to sustain you and life in general.

“Bridging the divide”

You will be shown how the amaZulu have done and still “do things” and how colonists have influenced how things are more often done.

Come and show us how to do things cleverly.
Come and experience how we have done and do things traditionally.
Come and remember!

You may become involved with the design, preparation and implementation of a ecologically sound healing centre.

Day 1

  • Visit traditional healers and Muti (medicine) traders in town

    Visitor With Sangoma Zululand

    Another tourist on a visit to a sangoma

  • Lunch at Martyr’s Cross and introduction into rural Zulu life, culture and traditions
  • 45 minute walk through the village to the Sangoma’s home
  • Welcome and introduction to the Sangoma’s home
  • Discussion: healing methodolgy and adaption of programme to suite your needs
  • Breathing exercises and have the bones thrown for you

Day 2

  • Meet at Sangoma’s home

    Zulu Sangoma With Traditional Medicine

    A sangoma prepares for a session

  • Field trip with identification and harvesting of medicinal plants
  • Spend time in food and medicine garden
  • Lunch
  • Return to the Sangoma’s home
  • Drying, and storing of herbs
  • Introduction to medicinal herbs in the kitchen

Day 3

  • Make herbal preparations

*Booking essential.

[1]Permaculture is a design system for creating sustainable human environments. Permaculture stands for permanent agriculture and permanent culture. Permaculture deals with plants, animals, buildings, water and energy in terms of the relationships between these elements by the way we place them in our environments. Permaculture aims to create systems that are ecologically and economically viable. Permaculture addresses the care of the earth as well as the care of people.