Rural Zulu Village Tour

Spend a day exploring Zulu life in the small Zululand country town of Eshowe and visit rural communities in surrounding Zulu villages.

Your guides are Malusi Nkwanyana & Gugu Mhlongo. These are self-drive tours. No shows, just real life in Zululand.

Zulu family at their kraal.
Zulu village overlooking the Tugela river

This is an experience that you will get nowhere else. Experience real Zulu life in a rural Zululand traditional village. If you are traveling through our country and feel you have missed Africa, you are at the right place. Here you personally engage with local people during your walking tours through the rolling hills of Zululand right near King Shaka’s military stronghold where Zulu and King Shaka were born.

This is their country and we give you an insight into contemporary Zulu life. This laid back tour is a great leveler for anyone living in the first world. You meet fantastic people who have almost none of the material things that you possess but can show you things about life which you have probably forgotten. Meet Zulu families on a walk through the countryside after exploring small village country living.

Zulu Bride

Go for a hike through the rolling hills and experience traditional Zulu life with knowledgeable hosts/guides. Hear about the first Zulu Martyr and watch old ladies doing crafts, children doing daily chores, women working the vegetable gardens and children learning at Ntenjane School and visiting a Zulu creche where you can interact with children and staff. Visiting Schools & Creches depend on school terms.

Over weekends we often have Zulu Ceremonies so we fit those in our tour. Everything is possible and our guides are in touch with the activities of the day. Another highlight is to visit Garry Makhosi Ndlovu a well known Sangoma and healer. If you would like an audience with him after the Tour which is highly recommended because everything is positive and highly enlightening. Garry has a Masters degree in Human Resources.

A highlight of the tour during schooldays is visiting King Dinizulu Creche in the township or visiting Ntenjane Primary School which is in rural Zululand. Here we arrive at a suitable time not to disturb their routine program and get a chance to interact with the children playing games, singing or playing soccer or netball. Great fun is had by all and the children learn new games and new songs! You are encouraged to bring gifts for the children or make a small donation to the school which will be used to enhance the school/creche.

These tours are self-drive (Most visitors have their own cars and the distances we go are not great.) We provide an English speaking Zulu guide. Remember this is not a show…whatever important that is going on we know about and on those days you will do extraordinary things. This tour just introduces you how Zulu life is on the ground. If you want to go to any entrance paying attraction our guide will oblige you and you need to pay the entrance fees applicable. Our tours strictly do not include formal tourist attractions.

If you expect anything else you are on the wrong tour!

We are the only tourist operator that is privileged to be able to do tours like this. Show respect at all times. Cameras welcome but to be used with integrity.

Tour price:
R695 pp for a day tour
(10am-3pm) Your own transport required.

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