Rural Zulu Village Tour

Zulu family at their kraal.

Spend a day, or stay overnight, in a cultural Zulu village in rural Zululand.

On tour
Zulu village overlooking the Tugela river

This is an experience that you will get nowhere else. Experience real Zulu life in a rural Zululand traditional village. If you are travelling through our country and feel you have missed Africa, you are at the right place. Here you personally engage with local people during your walking tours through the rolling hills of Zululand right near King Shakas military stronghold where Zulu and King Shaka were born.

Inyanga with visitors

This is their country and we give you an insight into contemporary Zulu life. This laid back tour is a great leveller for anyone living in the first world. You meet fantastic people who have almost none of the material things that you possess but can show you things about life which you have probably forgotten. Meet Joe Mdluli and his family and enjoy supper as the sun is setting over the Eshowe/Ntumeni hills with cows lowing in the kraal and the Lutheran Church Southern Cross high in the sky. You will be surprised at how well you rest when there are no electric lights to disrupt your sleep.

Collecting water

Wake up to the sounds of cocks crowing, cows mooing and goats bleating in the hills around you. Go for a hike through the rolling hills and experience traditional Zulu life with knowledgeable hosts/guides. Hear about the first Zulu Martyr and watch old ladies doing crafts, children doing daily chores, women working the vegetable gardens and children learning at Ntenjane School.

A typical Zulu “kraal” or homestead, with a different hut for each of the landowner’s wives.
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Tour price:
R595pp for a day tour
R745pp for an overnight stay