Sangoma Healing & Sangoma Visits.

Sangoma Tours in Eshowe. Our focus is to get you to meet a Sangoma who you can talk to and he can explain his calling to you and what he does on a day to day basis. Gerry is a very educated Sangoma with a degree in Human Resources so you are in for one very interesting time with him. He speaks perfect English and is able to freely and easily explain his profession. This is a very interesting encounter to have in Zululand and you are very unlikely to have another chance like this. For other Sangoma Ceremonies that we can take you to from time to time keep in touch with me. (Graham)

Zululand Eco-Adventures offer day-to-day cultural tours to traditional sangoma ceremonie and Sangoma consultations..


  • Sangoma Healing. ( From time to time)
  • Sangoma Initiation Ceremonies (Sat)
  • Private Sangoma Visits & Consultations. (Daily)

The ceremonies are at fairly new church in rural Zululand. It is very vibrant and colourful with a woman priest who serves beer in place of wine. You will hear people talking in tongues, drums, music and chanting, where fifty to one hundred people attend — a really interesting new experience.

These unique ceremonies are set in the beautiful Zululand countryside surrounded by rolling hills and Zulu villages. They usually take place in a traditional kraal so one can also experience day to day life in rural Zululand while the ceremonies are taking place.

These are experiences are not as regular currently.


In Zululand, the Sangoma is a practitioner of folk medicine and counselling in traditional Zulu societies.

The Sangoma philosophy is based on a belief in spirits, and have equal representation between men and women. They may be consulted for issues of health, love, travel, or business. They are also often used to reveal information about a crime. The sangoma performs a first-world function similar to counsellor.

For a Zulu Sangomas there is a long student period, similar to many religions, with an emphasis on service. After a few years of training they are initiated in a weekend ceremony to which we are welcome.

Traditional Healing

Zulu people believe in ancestors and in traditional healing. They believe that the divine healer, or sangoma, has supernatural powers of communicating with the ancestral spirits on their behalf. Sangomas play a significant role among the Zulu nation and are assigned very powerful status among the society. Often it is women who take up this profession.

Sangomas predict the present and the future of the people who come to seek help from them. Sometimes they are even expected to find stolen goods. They throw and read bones to determine the future. Sangomas generally work alone and sometimes they work in conjunction with medicine men (inyangas).

You can experience these ceremonies first hand! Tours leave from Sugar Hill Manor and Zululand Backpackers on Wednesdays and Sundays at 1 pm. If you would like to experience this unique part of the Zulu culture, please contact us at or enquire here.

Private Sangoma consultation R850 pp
(10am-3pm includes a light lunch.