101 Things to do in Eshowe

Zululand Eco-Adventures will introduce you to our world. Contact Graham Chennells at info@eshowe.com. We have guides available to do tours.

This is the official list of ‘101 Things to do in Eshowe’

Eshowe is a most unusual town with a most unusual history.  Not surprising, then, that it has a wide variety of experiences to offer the visitor; real Zulu cultural experiences, rich history, unequaled birding sites, fantastic Bass fishing, Golf, art, and much more. Graham Chennells of Zululand Eco-Adventures can assist you with making the best of whatever option you choose from the list, and will make sure you have the most fun doing so…

Cultural Zulu Tours & Experiences

Beautiful Zulu Girls

  1. Zulu Weddings (Sundays)
  2. Traditional Weekend Ceremonies
  3.  Sangoma Visits
  4. 2 Day Sangoma Experience
  5. Rural Zulu Village Tours (Daily)
  6. Overnight in a Zulu Village ( Suspended)
  7. King Dinuzulu Township Tour (Daily)
  8. Gospel Church (Sundays)
  9. Shakaland Cultural Village (Closed Down)
  10. Nkandla Presidential Home & Village (Daily)
  11. Zululand Outback Tour (3 Day tour -Fri/Sat/Sun)
  12. Ntingwe Tea Estate ( Not operational)

Annual Zulu Ceremonies & Events

Wire worker

  1. The Zulu Kings Reed Dance (1st or 2nd Week September)
  2. King Shaka Day Celebrations (24th September)
  3. Khekheke First Fruits & Snake Ceremony (23rd February)
  4. Shembe visit to Judea (October)

Hiking & Trekking Trails

  1. Cultural Trekking Trails (4-5 Hours)

 Sports & Extreme Sports

Lake Phobane

  1. Golf & Whisky Weekends
  2. Bass fishing
  3. Bozas Cup Rugby (March)
  4. Beer & Golf Weekends
  5. Rocksliding – Manziwayo Extreme (Require specialist guides)

Museums & Places of Interest

  1. Fort Nongqayi – Zululand Historical Museum
  2. Vukani Zulu Craft Museum
  3. Norwegian Mission Chapel
  4. Butterfly Dome
  5. Fort Eshowe / Norwegian Missionary Cemetery
  6. Signal Hill (Mbombashane)
  7. New kwaMondi Mission

    The Old Gaol

  8. King Cetshwayo’s Grave
  9. Martyr’s Cross
  10. Bishop’s Seat
  11. The Residency
  12. The Old Gaol
  13. Samarang
  14. KwaBulawayo
  15. Mgungundlovu Heritage Park & Multimedia Centre
  16. Ulundi Parliament Buildings
  17. Spirit of eMakhosini – Valley of Zulu Kings
  18. Ondini Royal Kraal
  19. Mandawe Cross
  20. Norwegian Mission Church (Entumeni)

    Catholic Mission Station

  21. Nandi’s Grave (Shaka’s Mother)
  22. King Shaka’s Memorial
  23. John Dunn’s Grave
  24. Zulu Cultural Museum (Mthonjaneni)
  25. Coward’s Bush
  26. Ntunjambili
  27. Lone Soldiers Grave
  28. Eric Brits’ Medical Museum
  29. King Dingiswayo’s Memorial

Birding, Waterfalls, Forests & Game Reserves

Kehla of the Zulu realm

  1. Zululand Birding Route
  2. Dlinza Forest Aerial Boardwalk
  3. Nkandla, Ntumeni, Dlinza & Ngoye Forests
  4. Ricqueberg Orchid Collection
  5. Spring Colours in Eshowe
  6. Big 5 – Hluhluwe & Imfolozi Game Reserves
  7. Mpushini Falls
  8. Mtunzini Lagoon
  9. Shu-Shu Hot Springs

Upliftment Projects

  1. John Montgomery Foster Home
  2. Cunina Orphanage
  3. ZuluFadder Upliftment Projects

    Typical rural trading store

  4. Muthi Futhi medicinal plant
  5. Eshowe Community Action Group (ECAG)
  6. Umfolozi Community Skills Centre
  7. King Dinuzulu Creche
  8. KZN Papermaking & Inina Crafts
  9. Mandela’s Housing Project

70. Conference & Wedding Venues

Artists & Galleries

Paddy Ntuli sculpture

  1. Buddhist Centre
  2. Story Telling – Ida Gartrell
  3. Magwaza Family (Potters)
  4. Delisa Mahaya (Beader)
  5. Diamond Bozas (Artist)
  6. Paddy Ntuli (Sculptor)
  7. Peter Engblom (Exhibitionist)
  8. Phoenix Prison Art Gallery
  9. Illona Andrews (Potter)
  10. Cara McCullum & Lindsay Phillips (Potters)

Zulu War / Battlefields

Yellow billed kite

  1. British Military Cemetary
  2. Fort Pearson
  3. Isandlwana & Rorke’s Drift
  4. Ulundi Battlesite
  5. Nyezane Battlesite
  6. Battle of Goqkli Hill (Shaka/Zwide)
  7. Battle of Gingindlovu
  8. Battle of The Cockroaches (Shaka/Zwide)

Agricultural Tours

  1. Agricultural Tours
  2. African Farmers & Subsistence Farming
  3. Soil Essential Oil Products & Rum Distillary


This goat has found a warm resting place!

  1. The Great Zululand Music Festival
  2. Creative Writing & Meditation
  3. Zululand Brewing Company – Home of Zulu Blonde
  4. Soap Box Derby
  5. Hash House Harriers (Every Monday 5.30 pm)
  6. Eshowe Jeep Collection
  7. Service Clubs
  8. The Mona Market
  9. The Prawn Shak

101. Places to Eat


Our tours will show you the real Africa, one that tourists seldom see.  This kind of genuine experience does come with a few potential hazards, so please read the following points carefully!

You will need to equip yourself with:

  1. A large wide-brimmed sunhat;
  2. A bottle of 50-factor sunscreen;
  3. Comfortable clothing;
  4. Supportive walking shoes; and
  5. Bottles of drinking water.

Although it is not mandatory, many of our clients have found it preferable to have their own vehicle, as this gives you greater freedom of movement.