Ntingwe Tea Estate

Ntingwe Tea Estate lies deep in the rural Zululand Hills, not far from the little country town of Nkandla. Present situation: It looks like it is being severly neglected and deteriorating. (2023)

Tea growing on the estate ready to be picked, prepared and packed for export

Initial tests during the last century showed that the cool climate, high altitude and acidic soil was ideal for the production of extra high quality tea, and the Ntingwe estate was formally launched in 1993.

By now the estate has more than 500ha under production, and the resultant tea leaves are all exported, to famous retailers all over the world, including Harrods.  As a visitor, you will be able to buy some of these world famous teas and test them for their renowned antioxidant properties, not to mention their superior taste.

An ideal and unusual gift to take home for the family.

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