King Dinuzulu Township Tour

Get the best of both worlds – King Dinuzulu is the closest you will find in Zululand to an urban “township”, except that there are no corrugated iron shacks here!

What you will find – with your guide’s help – are “spaza” shops selling all manner of goods and services, modern houses mixed with traditional homesteads and many, many schools battling to cope with the huge number of Zulu children in need of decent education.

Townships all over South Africa are famous for their lively “vibe” and you will be greeted all over by wide smiles and happy welcomes.

King Dinuzulu (often misspelled Dinizulu), after whom the township is named, was the son of Cetywayo (the last Zulu king officially recognized by the British) and grandfather of both the late king, Cyprian Bhekuzulu, and well-known politician Mangosuthu Buthelezi.

Cost R850 per person