The Prawn Shak

Appearances are deceiving – despite the way things look, the Prawn Shak is actually quite a larney hangout! So the way they serve their food, and your style of eating, is rather like food tasting. Instead of one big meal, (which gets cold quickly and doesn’t give much variety) they do seven courses spread out through the afternoon. So it’s a long, lazy lunch with each course cooked from fresh in their “state of the art” kitchen perched out on the sand dune! It is then served on the buffet during the course of the afternoon.

Technique and concentration are important, (although that doesn’t seem to last much past the third drink!) so, with the Caprese salad for example, dunk the bread in the olive oil and balsamic, add one pesto, then the tomato and mozzarella, then top it with another pesto. Bite carefully, lift your eyes skyward, rolling them slightly, and as you savour the different tastes, make your own original observations (as they do at wine tastings) along the lines of “I can taste hints of summery lemongrass” etc.

N.B. The quality and eruditeness of your statements reflects on our establishment, putting 2 or more pesto’s next to each other is simply a stew, so please concentrate!

Schmoozing the chefs is also a good idea, (especially as they carry big knifes) since they know all the combos, tricks and techniques.

Although this is NOT an “eat as much as you can” experience, you may eat more than you should – so, in a carefully worked out plan to help you burn some calories, clear your head, put your toes in the sand and generally appreciate the beautiful area, we take you for a walk half way through the meal. A feeling of slothfulness may well have overtaken you by this stage, so some self discipline is in order.

If the chefs say “No takeaways” what they mean is it’s better to stand at the buffet picking, tasting and socializing, than to take plates of food away. They also enjoy the company!

There is generally always food available, but if you missed out on something, ask the chefs and they are sure to oblige. So relax, snack and socialize. Chill at our Rasta Bar or explore the beach and dunes. The scenery is awesome!

Bill Budd has now relocated to The Suga Shak in Eshowe. 36 Pearson Ave.