Vukani Museum

The museum building sits inside the Fort Nonqayi precinct

Housed within the grounds of Fort Nongqayi, the Vukani Museum boasts the largest and most valuable collection of  Zulu crafts in the world.  Amazing baskets, many of the pieces by the doyenne of weavers, Rubin Ndwandwe, share the museum’s space with “khamba” pots, the clay pots made for the communal drinking of Zulu “umqombothi” traditional beer.

These pots, traditionally made without a lid, are works of art, beautifully embellished with intricate cross-hatching and other patterns. Although large in volume they are remarkably thin and anyone with a knowledge of pottery will be intrigued by the skill of the potters represented here, particularly the internationally famous Nester Nala.

Vukani Museum interior