King Cetshwayo’s Grave

Situated west of Eshowe, between Nkandla and Mbongolwane lies the grave of Cetshwayo, the last king of the Zulus to be recognized by the British as a monarch of an independent nation.

King Cetshwayo’s grave

The grave is under the control of  the Shezi clan and it is extremely difficult to find without the assistance of a knowledgeable guide.  It is, however, a trip well worth undertaking for it remains one of Zululand’s best-kept secrets and something that the average tourist will never see.

The King’s memorial is far more accessible.  Sited in the middle of a residential road in Eshowe, it sits next to the house where Cetshwayo was “exiled” by the British after the defeat of the Zulu impis at the battle of Ulundi.

King Cetshwayo’s epitaph