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The Zululand Outback

I often drive through the  Zululand Outback countryside with my Rotary friend Fred Volbrecht to checkout our Eshowe Rotary Club Project. ECAG (Eshowe Community Action Group) has built over 3000 classrooms in rural since 1977. This trip we were joined by another friend and computer boff Andy Rabagliati from Capetown who has always been interested in Zulu education. It is wonderful out there seeing the countryside and talking to people on our journey. Very peaceful, laid back and out of modern civilizations way. The population is increasing fast. A lot of young people and Schools out there. We live in Eshowe which is a small country town and to get out into the bush is very refreshing. The countryside is beautiful, the houses quaint, colourful, of varied designs and sizes. Mud & daub huts, blocks, bricks, hatched and corrugated iron roofs. Beautiful day in The Zululand Outback.

Rectangular mud & Daub Hut